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TNT Capture & Proposal Services, Inc... a small, veteran-owned business offering capture and proposal services. The team of two has served in a proposal capacity since 1993, working in both business development and marketing.

After 22 years, Tim retired as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force where he acquired his leadership skills. Upon retiring, Tim faced the same challenges our veterans face today - what next? With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, in 2004 he elected to pursue a career in business development as a full-time proposal manager at MTC Technologies (now BAE Systems). At MTC he led the task order response center. He moved onto Raytheon's IDIQ service center to establish a task order proposal shop at the corporate level, supporting all the Raytheon business units with IDIQ pursuits. In doing this, he refined the proven Shipley process to support rapid response - at times with no more than seven days to respond to a request. Over four years ago, Tim branched out to include full and open proposals as part of his offering. Since then he has left his mark across organizations such as Six3 (now CACI) and Leonie Industries.


Traci started her career in 1993 working for a small disadvantaged business serving as an editor, graphic designer, and desktop publisher. Given the small business environment she was afforded the opportunity to wear many hats within the business development environment. Given the many roles she served, Traci served the proposal environment with a full understanding of every facet of the process. Based on this, she progressed to a full-time proposal manager in 2004, where she served as a consultant for Applus+ Technologies. Since then she has left her mark across organizations such as Raytheon, Six3 (now CACI), Kapsch Trafficom, and Leonie industries.


TNT offers the entire suite of business development services, founded on their business development lifecycle. These services begin with capture management services, where this team establishes the necessary processes and tools for effective capture management. The services continue with proposal management, where they offer more than processes and tools, but they manage the entire response process from draft RFP release, RFP release, through to delivery and award. Services continue with post award, where they offer extended services, including orals coaching. Finally, the team also offers miscellaneous services, including the development of marketing material.



  • RFP analysis
  • Schedule preparation
  • Compliance matrix & compliance management
  • Building blocks content development - a refined, eight easy steps to developing content
  • Outline & response template development
  • Document design & layout
  • Editing, writing, graphics
  • Color team management & preparation




  • Opportunity tracking & mining
  • Sources sought & RFI response preparation
  • Customer research
  • Competitor research
  • Call plan development
  • Capture plan development
  • SWOT analysis & Black Hat Review coordination & facilitation
  • Draft RFP analysis & Pre-RFP response preparation


  • Report preparation
  • PowerPoint presentation development
  • Orals coaching
  • Business development training
  • Rapid Response Training
  • Just-in-Time writing training
  • Marketing material development

TNT's area of expertise lies within their Rapid Response Process (R2P TM). In 2008, TNT together, developed this adapted  process for responding to task orders. For decades, TNT served the business development lifecycle and supported the demands of task order rapid response. Tim first started working in the rapid response environment in 2004, while at MTC.


The image here represents the R2P for a 15 day response window, with electronic delivery. This accelerated process accounts for all the necessary milestones and tasks for response preparation. This approach is so thorough, TNT accounts for the number of hours necessary for editing and formatting - we know exactly when writing MUST stop and editing MUST begin based on our production planning tool.


The days are divided across the phased based on each phases necessary level of effort.


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